As an independent illustrator, I have already exhibited my drawings in Lyon, its surroundings, in Paris and in Strasbourg.
I also work on commission : original drawings, album covers, logos, posters for events, graphic design, visuals for shops, brands, etc.

I work almost exclusively with pen and ink.
Among my recurring subjects are the body, often feminine, the fauna and flora, which I cover with ornaments or open in order to expose bones and other internal anatomies.
From there I create associations, hybrids, which allow me to show dreamlike vanities in a universe both dark and fantastic. I like to try to create a balance between believable and wonder, strangeness and elegance, macabre and sweetness, vanity and fantastic.

My original drawings are available for sale, contact me for details !


You have a project, want to acquire an original drawing, or simply ask me a question? Do not hesitate to contact me :

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